Photo Credit to Elle Yihan Bai

Artist's Statement

Ivy Faye Monroe, as an architect, artist, designer, collector, writer, and queer citizen inhabits the residual space left by the defined boundaries of the contemporary world, taking from everything, without being defined by what she takes. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, her work investigates architecture, nature, and power, through lens informed by her own experiences and a thorough appreciation of human history. Usually drawing inspiration from the natural world, and how we, as a culture choose to distinguish or unite ourselves with it, her work explores how to unite sustainability, social justice, architecture, and urbanism, often investigating the potentials of the residual spaces and wildernesses generated by contemporary drives in ecological urbanism. The great unifying factor of her life is a love of education, and a constant desire to always learn and do more.



Born in southwestern Connecticut, Ivy grew up in proximity to the Aspetuck Valley Nature Trust, which shaped much of her interest in the natural world and inspired her to pursue a career in architecture. Currently, she is completing her fourth year studying architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.